The Veggie Method

Sharing my journey to a plant-based diet in hope of inspiring your own.

Welcome to TVM

I’ve been working toward a fully plant-based diet for over five years now. The slow and steady method I took to get to this point has been extremely effective, and I’m here today to share my experience in order to help you through your own journey.

There are countless ways that one can work towards a goal. And no one way is wrong. With this in mind, my objective of this blog The Veggie Method (TVM) is to provide inspiration for your own path. I encourage you to learn from my experience and mold it into your own awesome plan!

About the Blog

In the TVM blog you will find chapters about my road to a plant based, whole foods diet. My vision of this site is to expose what nobody talks about around this topic. I want to share my triumphs and my difficulties. Tell the real story behind this change, and not the sugar-coated version.

About the Resources Page

In the TVM resources you will find everything from documentary reviews to my most used recipes, sprinkled with all the other wonderful resources I’ve stumbled upon over the last few years. Much like a blog I will add these articles over time, so stay tuned!