Three of My Favourite Dairy Alternatives

Leading up to cutting out dairy in May 2016 I started to prepare my taste buds months in advance. I slowly rotated through trying all sorts of almond, cashew, soy, and rice milk products and many oil alternatives until I found my favourites to start out with. And on the plus side, my boyfriend definitely loved the sudden influx of nut milks around so if I didn’t like some there was no worry of it going to waste!

I’m here to share my top three favourite products so far, hopefully at least one of them is new to you. Have something to suggest? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

So Nice for Coffee

SONice Coffee CreamerPro: The So Nice brand is not my top choice for milk alternatives, but their coffee creamer product is to die for. It tastes fantastic, has a nice consistency, and even adds to the smell of your coffee (in a good way). Look for it in the cooler, not on the regular shelf with the other So Nice products.

Con: Although it says no artificial flavours or colors, I highly doubt this So Nice product is made without preservatives. The expiry date is often up to a year out, and it lasts opened for quite some time – it has never gone bad on me. So if that doesn’t bother you (or you prefer it) this product is awesome!

Vegan Becel Margarine

Okay, I’ll be honest. I have actually been using this for years.

becel_veganPro: It tastes just like butter but is mostly just a combination of oils. I use the Vegan Becel for everything I would regular butter. I use it to non-stick my pans, melt it for popcorn, put it on toast, use it in baking… It’s all around a very useful and tasty product.

Con: The downside is that it has quite a lot of palm oil which is especially controversial right now. Hopefully it’s ethically source but I doubt it.

Anyone use something very similar but is perhaps a bit more earth-friendly?

Earth’s Own Almond Fresh

Earths Own AlmondPro: I’ve tried all of the almond milk brands in my neighborhood grocery store’s cooler and Earth’s Own Almond Fresh is by far my favourite. I find that all nut milks have some pulp and this brand has the least. Earth’s Own also has many different nut milks and flavours to choose from if you are feeling more adventurous. I personally like the almond option with vanilla flavouring. It’s perfect for drinking straight or for adding to smoothies.

What do you use almond milk for? I have not been too adventurous with it yet, so any ideas are totally appreciated!

Con: If you are like me and hate pulp, any almond milk really is not very good for adding to coffee and tea. The texture just does not mix well in my opinion.

And Many More…

There are so many more products that I love and will cover off in a second edition very soon.

What are your favourites? Anything that rivals the above? I’d love to hear it!