Documentary Review: Food Matters

One of my favourite documentaries, Food Matters, I recommend everyone to watch.

The core of Food Matters is to speak up about nutrition, something that no one really takes seriously – Including in the medical profession.

So what does that have to do with being a vegetarian or vegan? Well it just so happens that the most healthy and disease preventing diet – that being raw and/or whole foods – doesn’t include animal products. So it’s a natural fit.

Honestly, every time I watch this (at least once a month!) I feel uplifted. It’s such a light film that not only presents a problem, but educates you in simple terms and then wraps it all up with an easy solution.

Information that resonates with me the most

Food Matters keeps you intrigued from start to finish. I think it’s interesting because the concept is so simple but no one talks about it. Either way, I shouldn’t go on all day about every single detail, so I’m just going to touch on a few big ones here.

It’s no wonder disease rates keep raising

In modern society we rely so much on processed foods, animal products, low calorie/reduced fat foods, and non-organic fruits and vegetables.

How can the body thrive when we are giving it nothing to work with? Cells become poisoned, malnourished, and weak. It’s no wonder the body then becomes venerable to developing disease.

And what do we do to treat disease? Radiation, chemotherapy, surgery… which just makes the body sicker.

Disease rates around the world are drastically different from place to place. Take someone from a low-risk country with hardly any trace of XY disease, place them in a high-risk country, and eventually they get sick with XY like everyone else. How else can this be explained other than diet and one’s environment?

Proper diet will save your life

The following quote turns up a few times throughout the film. And honestly, it makes a lot of sense.

“Let food be thy medicine” –Hippocrates

Food Matters reminds you that many of the diseases North America faces today are actually self-induced. If one is to continually nourish their body with a natural, raw, whole food diet (no Fruit Gushers, no Kraft Dinner, no “diet” pop…) the preventative measures are extraordinary.

But it gets better! Nutritional therapy to treat disease is a real. Proven. Thing.

It’s not too good to be true

Which brings me to the next natural argument – if proper diet is such a miracle worker, why do I never hear this from my doctor? Or on the news? Or in the Paper?

The medical industry is run by pharmaceutical companies. If everyone’s healthy, what happens to them?

So nutritional training in medical school isn’t all that common in North America. It’s even taken so far that nutritional therapy to treat/reverse disease is actually illegal in many countries!

Why raw is better

I mean, there are many reasons. But one that really stood out to me in Food Matters was Digestive Leukocytosis – the act of your body treating your meal as a foreign organism because the majority of it is cooked.

Early in the film Philip Day first brings up that if your meal is 51% cooked food (every meal, not just every day) your immune system kicks in thinking that your food must be a virus. Which isn’t a great thing to happen to the food you thought was going to be healthy for you.

We are overworking an already overworked immune system with every single meal and for no good reason.

For some reason everyone thinks that vegetables need to be cooked. But in Food Matters Dr. Victor Zeines and Prof. Ian Brighthope point out that even if you lightly steam your vegetables the vital enzymes are destroyed, which were meant for proper digestion and allocation of nutrients. Heat also destroys vitamin c and protein, just to name a few more. And yes, there is protein in plants!

So if you want to get the most benefit out of your vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, and grains, you need to eat it raw, organic, and as fresh as possible.

Okay, I won’t give it all away.
I hope that this interests you and you give Food Matters a chance. I guarantee you’ll be inspired to improve your health, and in the best possible way!