Go Ahead, Order the Steak

Since beginning my transition to a plant-based diet I’ve noticed some common themes in the interactions I’ve had with the many meat eaters in my life. So I think it’s time to clear up one of these items.

And for my fellow vegetarians and vegans, I’m sure at least some of you can relate to this as well.

Don’t Let Me Stop You From Ordering the Food You Want

When having lunch or dinner with someone I can always expect that they will one way or another comment on the fact that they are ordering a meat dish.

You know what I’m talking about. The comments go something like:

“I hope you don’t mind if I order the ribs…”

“I’ll have the bacon double cheeseburger… sorry!”

“Shoot, I just realized I am eating a pound of wings in front of you…”

And my response visibly shocks people at least half of the time. And that is:

It’s okay. I really don’t mind.

And it’s true, I seriously don’t! Here’s why.

It’s each individual’s own decision what their diet consists of, and it’s not my business if you want to eat a meaty meal. I used to love meaty meals too before I made the decision to transition to a plant-based diet. I get it.

If you don’t lecture me on my choice, I definitely won’t lecture you. Nor would I ever want to anyways.

And if I can speak to my fellow plant-eaters out there, I think that this type of response sparks a heck of a lot more curiosity in your meat-eating company than having a negative attitude does.

For example, if I were to reply “actually I do mind and would prefer if you didn’t eat that in front of me” (which I’m sure someone has expected me to say at one point in time) then I think that just adds to the vegan stereotype – Which is that all vegans want to do is push their diet on others. So let’s work together to help fade that perception away, because it sucks.

The Only Time it Becomes a Problem

Okay, here’s the “but” you were probably waiting for. However, I think it’s pretty fair.

The only time it bothers me is when someone doesn’t finish their meat so it therefore goes in the trash. And if I were to explain further, means that some of the resources that went into producing that steak (the water, the land, and especially the animal’s life) have gone to waste.

And to be honest, should someone really have to be a vegan or vegetarian to think that wasting perfectly good meat is a bad thing?