What Should I Cut Out Next?

So I have a dilemma – and a somewhat controversial one at that.

Some background info to start for those just chiming in – the purpose of my blog The Veggie Method (TVM) is to spread the word on the “slow and steady” process I am taking to eventually becoming a vegan and with the hope of inspiring others to try the same.

You can read more on the process and it’s benefits here but basically TVM is about cutting out only one meat at a time, when you are ready, and over however long of a period of time you need. For me, it was beef first, then pork, then chicken, and so on. I’ve been doing this every year on May 1st and this May will be 4 years since I started.

Cutting out one item at a time is not only less intimidating, but it’s also easier on your body and lifestyle. It makes life easier in the short term and therefore is actually a long-term play considering you are more likely to succeed than if you were to cut everything out cold turkey (heh).

So What Should I Take out of My Diet Next?

At this point the only animal products I have in my diet include seafood, milk, and eggs.
Naturally, one would expect that seafood goes out next as it’s technically the last “meat” to go. But here’s the controversial part – I’m heavily considering cutting out milk products next instead.

Here’s why.

I Can Tell My Body Does Not Like Dairy

I’m pretty convinced that milk really isn’t good for anyone to begin with but that’s a topic for another day – what I can speak to now is my body and its reactions.

Going through this transition and listening to my body now more than ever I’ve noticed that if I don’t have any milk products for a few days my skin will clear up a bit. Then once I have a bunch again I will break out – which is no fun! I have also noticed that if I have milk products before cardio I’ll get all phlegmy and will have a hard time breathing.

Like, HELLO!

Why am I putting this stuff into my body if it is trying to tell me it doesn’t want it?

Cheese Will Be the Hardest to Give up of All Mentally

And I’m concerned that by the time I’ve cut out everything else I will have a super hard time giving up cheese. At least if I give up cheese before seafood and eggs I will still have those items to lean on opposed to absolutely nothing. At least, that’s what I’m thinking…

I Cut out Beef First for a Reason

Okay well, in part it was because I felt beef would be the easiest to go without based on my taste buds, but the other part was because I am especially heartbroken for factory farmed land animals and I find that between dairy, eggs, and fish it’s hardest for me to trace exactly where my milk is coming from. Especially with what horrifying news came out recently about one of the largest dairy farms in the country. I’ve lost a lot of confidence in “sustainably” sourced milk regardless of whether brands claim to be traceable or not. Traceable doesn’t really mean anything anyways…

I find I can be quite choosey where I get my fish from (although it’s also borderline), and I only eat the best eggs you can possibly find – Country Golden Yolks for about $6 a dozen but they seriously are the freaking tastiest eggs you will ever find. But with dairy there’s something about it I just can’t be sure of.

What Do You Think?

As I’ve become a part of the social media plant-based community I’ve already discovered a wide range of vegans and vegetarians from hard-core opinionated posters to hippy-like, do-what`s-best-for-you posters (that one`s me!) and it seems like the more intense influencers have very strict rules on what vegan is and should be. For example, if you slip up but carry on that you are “not a true vegan/vegetarian” Which is why I think this post could be controversial.

What do you think?

Does my reasoning have merit?

Do you think I’m crazy?

Do you think I’m breaking the rules?

Either way – I’m going to do what’s best for me and my body. But I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts!